From Our Board President

Dear CVUU Members,

Please mark your calendar now for the CVUU mid-winter meeting:

Mid-Winter Meeting on Sunday, February 24, 2019 (following the regular service)

This first seven months in our new home has passed quickly. The Board’s Mid-Year Report to the Congregation will present some of our accomplishments and some church-wide events that are scheduled for this spring. The Board’s Mid-Year Report is available here:

Pursuant to our Bylaws, the Board is presenting two issues for a congregational vote:

  1. The terms for members of the Finance Committee will be changed so that members have staggered terms to maintain continuity of knowledge on the Committee.
  2. Based on the candidates recommended by congregation members, the Board is recommending eight members for the Ministerial Selection Committee. Members of the Ministerial Selection Committee must be elected by the congregation. The Board recommendations are:

Tasha Dockery, David Hutcheson, David Kidd, Martha Shore, Kevin St. George, Brian Schiller, Tracy Navarra-Davis and Lindsay Pryor

To read the bios on these candidates, click here:

Only members in good standing have the privilege of voting during the congregational meeting, but all members and friends are welcome to observe the congregational meeting.

Changes to Policies and Procedures Manual pertaining to the Communications Committee will be reviewed by Gwen Towe.  Changes broaden the membership so more committees will have representation on the Communication Committee.

Based on our congregation’s membership we are allowed five voting delegates at the General Assembly which will be held in June 19-23 in Spokane, Washington. Delegates can attend in person or online. If you are interested in being a delegate, please contact Martha Shore or Steve Ciganek.

Our grand Dedication of our new home is April 28. Reverend Jeanne Pupke will be our speaker and rejoice with us. We would like your input. Volunteers to help make it happen are welcome!

With our significant renovation of our new church and the many changes we are undertaking, we are researching becoming a “Breakthrough Congregation” under UUA’s definition.

Please come to the Mid-Winter Meeting on February 24 to vote and to learn about our CVUU community.

Anne F. Odell, President