NEST concert a record-breaker!

We raised voices, awareness and funds for the homeless of Hampton Roads yesterday with our annual NEST Concert and Soup.

The concert drew more than 100 attendees and took in $3,972 in donations for NEST, Norfolk’s Emergency Shelter Team! This record-breaking amount will support this ongoing program, made up of 40 churches and synagogues that host NEST and more than 100 NEST homeless guests every night. Hats off to all our members, organizers, volunteers and musicians who made it such a success!

UCN member and NEST Chair, Anne Odell, said the increased funds are a blessing for the program and will allow them to keep up with the ongoing expenses for busing, blankets and food. NEST operates their temporary overnight shelters on a rotating basis from November to April.

Attendees enjoyed performances from both the Common Folk Duo and Itinerant Band. Common Folk is a local modern folk band whose members, Nat Martin and Sarah Chappell are also part of the UCN congregation. They sang several folk songs, including an  a cappella version of “This Land is Your Land,” by Woody Guthrie. The Itinerant Band, another local group, played the “music of early America,” including a singalong with the audience.   UCN congregant and harpist Elisa Dickon, combined her talents with those of Bob Clark, Susan Lawlor, Marsha Wallace and Rose Ann Arnaud.

Organizers served a soup buffet after the concert. We owe an additional round of applause to the cooks who brought their stewed creations to share. We enjoyed good food and good fellowship in good measure!

To hear some of the music from this year’s nest: