Series: Sermons

2019-08-18 Sermon: The Congregation is the Curriculum

Unitarian Universalists often state that “the congregation is the curriculum” when asked to describe the Unitarian Universalist religious education philosophy and curriculum. In today’s sermon three of our members describe what this guiding philosophy means to them as they and their children became program participants. … read more.

2019-07-28 Sermon: Together in Anger, Together in Love

In this sermon Lee Ellen Knight speaks about anger.  Anger is all around us these days—in politics, on social media, in our communities near and far—anger is surging. In Unitarian Universalism, we focus on building Beloved Community, emphasizing compassion, acceptance and love. It’s not like … read more.

2019-07-21 Sermon: Don’t Die with the Music Still in You

Parishioner Dr. Howard Adams worked for many years counseling black college students needing encouragement to complete their studies or continue on to graduate school. In today’s lesson, Dr. Adams recalls some of his more notable students and uses their stories to encourage us all to sing our songs.

2019-07-14 Surviving the Mommy Wars

In today’s divided world, sometimes the divisiveness hits way too close to home. This service will address the stress of the “mommy wars,” where everyone seems to think they know how to raise children best and no matter what you do, it’s wrong.