Telling our UU Stories

Sunday, Jan. 27 – Join us for “Telling our UU Stories,” with Rev. Justine Sullivan. Come find out a little more about our unique community. We are a congregation of many backgrounds and different spiritual paths that find common ground in our shared commitment to … read more.

Remembering Dr. King

 Sunday, Jan. 20, 2019 –  Join us for “Remembering Dr. King” with Rev. Justine Sullivan and Sheri Bailey, on the eve of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, Jan. 21. We will celebrate his work for racial, economic, and international justice.

Hard to Resist

Worship Sunday, Jan. 13 – Join us for “Hard to Resist,” with Martha Shore and Mindy Squillace. We will explore the different aspects of resistance in our lives.

New Year’s Intentions

Worship Sunday, Jan. 6 – Join us for “New Year’s Intentions,” with Rev. Justine Sullivan and the CREC. Let’s look forward together as 2019 offers us all an occasion to begin again.



Celebrating Kwanzaa

Sunday, Dec. 30, 2018 – Join us for our Kwanzaa service with guest speaker Seko Varner. Kwanzaa offers our congregation a time to celebrate the best of black history, heritage, and identity.

Taking Stock: the Year in Review

Worship Sunday, Dec. 23, 2018 –  Join us for “Taking Stock: the Year in Review, ” with Rev. Justine Sullivan, Allen Perry and Paul Moss. Gather with us as we look back on our experiences, the joys and sorrows, while looking with courage to the … read more.

Yule – Winter Solstice

Join us for “Yule – Winter Solstice,” with Rev. Justine Sullivan and Covenant of Unitarian-Universalist Pagans (CUUPS). The Winter Solstice has become important to both humanists and pagans, who can find common ground in celebrating this occasion. Themes can include light amid darkness; the death of nature … read more.

Waiting for the Light

Dec. 9 – “Waiting for the Light.” This is the time of expecting with the arrival of the holiday season and a time of waiting too – for a new beginning to the year. Come join us as we reflect on this time of … read more.

Miracles of Light

Sunday, Dec, 2, 2018 – Join us for “Miracles of Light,” with Rev. Justine Sullivan. As we enter this time of increasing darkness, let us be grateful for the light that surrounds us. We will welcome several babies and children into our community of faith … read more.

Sunday, Nov. 25

Sunday, Nov. 25 – “Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving Time for our Lives and Our Blessing,” with Howard Adams.