Month: March 2021


Dear Ones,

Today is the last day of March, which means tomorrow is a special day.  Not because it is April Fools’ Day, but because it is the start of a new monthly theme for our worship, religious education programming and small groups, Becoming.

There has been … read more.

Youth News 3/31/21


This Sunday 

RE @ Home Kits are expected to arrive Thursday and Friday of this week. The materials you’ll need for this Sunday’s lesson will be in your new kit. This Sunday you will need one piece of watercolor paper (found in your RE @ Home … read more.

RE Happenings 3/31/21

This month’s theme has been Commitment, and we have reviewed the four C’s that make up Commitment. 

We are committed to curiosity.We are committed to change. We are committed to conscience. We are committed to compassion.

We talked about what does being compassionate mean?

We, as Coastal Virginia Unitarian Universalists, … read more.

Think Before Feeding Your Lawn!

Standard lawn fertilizers are chemical-based and can wash off your lawn into creeks, ponds, and rivers.  The excess nitrogen and phosphorus they contain causes algae blooms; when the algae dies it sinks to the bottom and decomposes, lowering the oxygen level in the water and … read more.


Dear Ones,

This week, Gov. Ralph Northam announced that there would be an easing of COVID-19 restrictions.  This is optimistic news for all of us.  And I am happy to say that I received my first COVID-19 vaccination last week!  Aside from some soreness at the … read more.

Youth News 3/24/21


This Sunday 

For this week’s lesson, you will need the pages from your RE @ Home Kit that have a circle in the middle. There are eight of these pages. You will also need a writing utensil.  After our lesson, we are going to try out … read more.

RE Happenings 3/24/21

We are going over the four C’s of Commitment this month.  In the past two weeks, we’ve explored two different commitments UUs make:

We are committed to curiosity.We are committed to change.

This past Sunday, we talked about how we are also committed to using our conscience… read more.

Theme Reflection

Would you like to join a small group discussion each month via Zoom with Rev. Viola Abbitt that not only offers fellowship but a deep reflection on the month’s theme?

Each month there is a Theme Reflection on the fourth Monday and the fourth Sunday. … read more.