Coastal Virginia Unitarian Universalists Covenant of Right Relations

We, the members of Coastal Virginia Unitarian Universalists, affirm our love and respect for our congregation and for each other by adopting this Covenant of Right Relations. This covenant is a set of guidelines suggesting how we might best maintain a healthy and vibrant community. It upholds our shared UU principles and provides a welcoming, respectful, and vibrant environment where each person can search for truth and meaning, build connections, renew spirit, and be inspired to action.

As individuals, we endeavor to dwell together in the spirit of these ideals with the knowledge that honoring this Covenant will strengthen our relationships and enlarge our sense of community. We commit to living and working with this Covenant, revisiting it as needed. In this spirit, we will strive toward the following as we participate in the life of the Congregation.

Our Ideals and Our Living Practices

Listening and Speaking

  • We listen to understand with respect and attention and we speak with care.
  • Listen with an open heart and an open mind; assume the best intentions in others; speak my truth with love.

Working with Conflict

  • We resolve conflicts directly, using openness and compassion.
  • Accept conflict as inevitable and healthy and work to turn it into a positive force;
  • react calmly and reasonably, help with conflict resolution.

Solidarity and Caring

  • We support each other in times of need and of joy.
  • Demonstrate our caring and mutual support for one another both as individuals and as a group;
  • be compassionate toward others;
  • refrain from personal attacks and gossip;
  • put needs of the community before myself;
  • keep it fun;
  • add laughter.

Serving our Community

  • We serve our congregation with generosity and good humor, and we are grateful for the service of others.
  • Participate as much as I can in congregational life;
  • Honor the service of others;
  • Keep my commitments and be honest when I can’t;
  • Support social justice activities.

Growth and Change

  • We support our members in their search for truth and meaning in their lives.
  • Be open-minded; support and encourage the personal or spiritual growth of others; explore and share what I believe.

Welcoming and Hospitality

  • We practice hospitality,
  • welcoming all who enter.
  • Actively try to integrate others into congregational life;
  • get to know members I don’t know;
  • respect the humanity and equality of members and guests of the congregation;
  • be welcoming and invite others to join us.

Diversity in Unity

We promote a multicultural and multigenerational community within and beyond our walls that sees diversity in all its manifestations as a sign of strength; we celebrate differences; conduct ourselves so that others feel safe emotionally and physically; honor others’ points of view and experiences; love, respect, and celebrate our children.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

We acknowledge our mistakes and shortcomings and forgive those of others. Acknowledge our human fallibility and seek, offer, and receive forgiveness; respect our own limitations and those of others; forgive others and ourselves.

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