Would you like your story to appear here? If you submit it to Comm-coordinator@c-vuu.org, it can. Tell us how you discovered Coastal Virginia Unitarian Universalists (CVUU) or what keeps you coming back.

From Dave 

I met member Judy Schooley when she home boarded my greyhounds Lance and Dinky. She suggested that I might like adult discussion. I dropped by for a visit .. it was Blues Sunday! I came to stay.

I found the freedom afforded by not having a creed or sacred text to struggle with liberating but the connections I’ve made through adult discussion, after-service lunch, and helping with setup and sound and the website keep me coming back.

From PJ

My newest happy shiny smiley thang has been this “church” I’ve been going to. I don’t even want to call it “church” because as soon as I say that word I automatically think of “alternative facts”, “judgement”, “hellfire and brimstone” … CVUU is a “Unitarian Universalist” “church”… and… I LOVE IT THERE! 

From Forrest

Coastal Virginia Unitarian Universalists is a great place to meet open-minded people who believe in ultimately the power of love. I know it sounds cheesy, but I think that is the simplest and most concise way to describe us. We do have a wide range of personal paths we follow from Christians to Buddhists, to Pagans, to Atheists/Agnostics, to Jewish. If I didn’t mention your particular path it may already be represented and if not chances are we would love to add you to our list of paths. We support people and their own personal search through their life.

We are not perfect. We have our issues and we are constantly trying to improve.

From Ellie

I have been going to CVUU for all but the first four years of my life and it is my religious home! I’m safe and loved and listened to there. I help and participate when I am able and I support it financially because I want it to be there for my grandkids and their grandkids! I love CVUU! It is an interesting place.