Board Bits – Aug. 20, 2020

The Board discussed current COVID-19 circumstances and decided that building operations will continue in the mode decided by the CVUU BoD earlier in June 2020. The building is still closed to all groups and committees. “People performing maintenance on the building and the protesters will be allowed to use restroom facilities. Anyone who uses a restroom shall sanitize the restroom before and after use. Only one person will be permitted to use a restroom at a time. Congregants shall clean up behind themselves. Restrooms should only be used when necessary.” We’re actively monitoring current COVID-19 circumstances. COVID-19 is actively spreading, even in facilities and organizations where all proper safety measures are taken. There will be no change to the current mode of operation until such time that CVUU can ensure the safety of every congregant and visitor. When the time comes to open CVUU to in- person attendance, a proper safety plan will be implemented.

The Board discussed other matters too, which is usually on the Board agenda under the heading “Word on the Street”. Rev. Viola plans to meet with the facilitators of Adult Discussion soon. It is possible Adult Discussion may start again in a different time slot with an adult religious education format. More information will follow. The CVUU Tech team and Worship Services Committee are doing a great job producing virtual worship services. Start thinking about what a Virtual (Zoom) Committee Fair might be like. Martha Shore is the new Board liaison to the Membership Committee.

Do you like crossing the “Ts” and dotting the “I”? Are you the type of person who
reaches for a pen to edit a document every time you read it? Do you really enjoy looking at a very thorough and complete Policy and Procedure Manual? If this is your idea of a fun, contact Steve Ciganek, Ken Saucer, Ellie Fetterly or Suzanne Miles.

The Board PPM Task Force looking for congregants to join the PPM Committee. This is but one of the many ways you can participate in CVUU during COVID-19.

The CVUU Board will begin submitting a condensed version of the CVUU BoD meeting proceedings for inclusion in the CVUU Weekly Courier after each monthly meeting.

Ken Saucer, CVUU Secretary