Board Bits June 2022

The CVUU Board of directors met Thursday, June 16, 2022. Board meeting minutes are typically available upon request from the CVUU Board Secretary or the Congregational Administrator (Susie Gullixson), approximately 30 days after the date of the Board meeting. The Board meets every month on Zoom during COVID-19 circumstances. The meeting is usually on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. The meeting is open for congregants to observe. Congregants who want to present items to the Board must notify CVUU Board President Steve Ciganek prior to the meeting, so they can be included on the agenda. The following is a synopsis of pertinent items. The next Board meeting is on July 21, 2022.

Reverend Viola – Nine new CVUU members have signed the book and will be inducted during the Sunday service, on June 19, 2022.

Director of Religious Education (DRE) Paul Greggs – CVUU is preparing for Chalice Camp July 11- 15, 2022 and so far, five adults have volunteered. CREC is in need of additional volunteers and those interested should contact DRE Paul Greggs.

Treasurer’s Report – An independent financial review is in progress. Pledges to date total $347,634 of the $350,000 goal. $10,700 has been pledged to cover the cost of the tiling of the Social Hall floor. This will improve CVUU’s attractiveness as a rental venue for events.

Board Appointments to Nominating Committee and Finance Committee – Valerie Rottink is leaving Nominating Committee. Anne Odell is leaving Finance Committee. The CVUU Board needs to appoint replacements, per CVUU bylaws.

UUA General Assembly – General Assembly is in Portland, OR this year. The CVUU delegates are Tessa Ellis, Jiffy Shore, and Elisa Dickon. Reverend Viola and DRE Paul Greggs are also participating.

Tidewater Cluster Meeting – CVUU will host the next Tidewater Cluster Meeting on March 11, 2023. Ken Saucer is the Tidewater Cluster liaison and will be soliciting volunteers for kitchen, childcare, facilitators, and other assignments as needed. CVUU anticipates 125-150 attendees for this all-day event.

Word on the Street – CVUU needs to reconstitute a personnel Committee as soon as possible. The Board is seeking new Personnel Committee members. Congregants with Human Resources experience should contact a Board member, if interested. Elisa Dickon has stepped down as the Social Justice Committee chair. All Social Justice activities are ongoing and active. Each activity should report to Program Council until such time as a new Social Justice Committee chair is identified. The Racial Justice Task Force will resume in Fall 2022 and may host a new Pledge to End Racism workshop at that time.

11. Board Bouquets

Stewardship Team – David Hutcheson, Brian Schiller, Anne Odell, Tasha Dockery, Maxine

Fetterly, David Kidd, David Howell, and Russell Rohring

Departing Board Directors – Suzanne Miles, David Howell, and Elisa Dickon.

Departing Nominating Committee members, Valerie Rottink, Joseph Thomas, and departing Finance Committee member, Anne Odell.