(The membership commitee of CVUU hard at work. The committee, which meets monthly, has one true aim – to make CVUU a welcoming place for all.)

The decision to join is an important step in one’s relationship with the church, signifying a commitment of financial support and participation in the life and work of the congregation. One joins the church by doing two things.  First, you are invited to attend a two-hour Pathways to Membership class on a Sunday afternoon.  Rev. Justine Sullivan and the Membership Committee offer these classes four times a year (lunch and childcare are provided).  We introduce newcomers to Unitarian Universalism and the fun and exciting activities at Coastal Virginia Unitarian Universalists.  Secondly, we invite you to sign the Membership Book, either in a formal ceremony which occurs during a Sunday service or privately in the presence of the Minister or other congregational leader.

Contact Membership,  membership@c-vuu.org, to enroll in our next Pathways to Membership class.

We will provide childcare and breakfast (donuts and fruit, coffee) for the participants in Room 205 (upstairs).