• RE Happenings 1/12/22 (1/12/2022) -

    Our theme this month is Living with Intention and this past Sunday we talked about taking a pause.  We reviewed some examples of what anchor is and does.  An anchor is a heavy device that is attached to a boat or ship by a rope ... read more.

  • Youth News 1/12/22 (1/12/2022) -


    This Sunday

    We are having our next mentor session is this Sunday, January 16th at 3 PM on GatherTown!  During our session mentors and youth will make UU prayer/meditation bead bracelets and discuss spirituality.  Packets with the bracelet materials went out this morning and should arrive in your mailboxes ... read more.

  • Youth News 1/5/22 (1/5/2022) -


    This Sunday

    RE returns this Sunday!  I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season, and I can’t wait to see you all this Sunday!  For RE this Sunday, we’ll continue the Coming-of-Age program by talking a bit about UU worship and brainstorming what you all ... read more.

  • Youth News 11/17/21 (11/16/2021) -


    This Sunday

    We’ll have our Death Café and it will be virtual!  We’ll “meet” in GatherTown at 2 pm.

    This early time will allow time for Mrs. Martha Shore to facilitate the Death Café and give you all an opportunity to catch up with your mentor after our Death ... read more.

  • Soulful Home – November (11/3/2021) - The Welcome Mat What Does it Mean to be a Family Holding History?

    My family of origin, like so many others, includes people with heritage from several parts of the world: Northern European, West African, Southeastern Native American, and Southeast Asian. This diversity of descent, and of ... read more.

  • RE Happenings 10/27/21 (10/27/2021) -

    “The theme this month is Cultivating Relationships. Last Sunday in Religious Education we discussed how cultivating relationships requires empathy and caring. Relationships can’t grow with selfishness and meanness. Our faith lifts this up in our commitment to the principle of building “justice, equity and compassion ... read more.

  • RE Happenings 8/25/21 (8/25/2021) -

    This past Sunday in Religious Education we reviewed the 5th Principle “Everyone has a say.” We watched a video titled Everyone Gets a Say and discussed deciding things as a group through the democratic process of voting.  We used the scenario “what would we play, ... read more.

The RE Program encompasses a variety of fun and meaningful opportunities for families, and really ANYONE who want’s to get involved.
From traditional events that happen monthly or annually, to new and exciting ideas and information, there is always something going on at CVUU.