CVUU is very much a volunteer organization. Our officers and board directors are volunteers but volunteers do much of the week to week work needed by our beloved community. Volunteers contribute much of our worship service, teach our religious education classes, host coffee and conversation after service, maintain our website, and perform our community service activities.

In support of our services volunteers set up the sanctuary for worship, greet arriving congregants, usher, operate the sound and light systems, perform music, sing in the choir, open the worship service, prepare and serve coffee, and close up the church.

At our Military Highway location, the congregation maintains the grounds and does small maintenance tasks.

Our volunteer Caring Team helps members with small tasks like rides to and from healthcare outpatient procedures, assistance with meals when convalescing, give rides to church, etc. A Lay Pastoral Care Team helps the minister with pastoral care activities.

Coalitions of the willing perform these and other volunteer functions. From time to time, committees will put out a call for volunteers, usually as we start the church year at the fall Ingathering service. Participating in a committee is a great way to serve.