CVUU Annual Meeting

Agenda for June 13, 2021

The CVUU Annual Meeting will be held on June 13 after the service to conduct the business of the church. The Agenda is:

  1. Review and discussion of the proposed FY 22 Budget
  2. Introduction of the Slate for the Nominating Committee
  3. Introduction of the Candidate for the Finance Committee
  4. Discussion of the UUA General Assembly in June and the role of the congregation
  5. Open congregational discussion and questions.

This discussion will begin with an overview of re-opening at CVUU.

GOOD NEWS! We have received additional pledges since the FY 22 Budget you were mailed in May.  We now have $354,340 in pledges rather than the prior $332,000. Thank you to everyone.

This increase in pledges allows us to add some items and use less of our operating reserves. The changes include three additions and lower use of our Operating Reserves:

$10,982            UUA Dues. This amount added to the $2,000 in the budget already is $12,982.

The $12,982 is half of the total amount requested by UUA.

$  3,000            Elevator repair and controls

$  2,500            Installation of Minister celebration

$  5,858            Lower the amount taken from the Operating Reserves from $15,685 to $9,800.

$22,340            Total additional income for the FY 22 Budget

For a detailed budget, you can download the Excel spreadsheet from the link below.

The voting for the Annual Meeting will be conducted online. The E-ballots will be emailed directly to your personal email by 11 am Sunday, June 13, and will expire on Monday, June 14 at 11 am. Each CVUU member in a household will receive a personal email for voting. A mailed paper ballot is acceptable too. All members received a letter in May with the slate and bios for the candidates. The paper ballot was included in the letter and must be received by Monday, June 14. Please note you must be a member in good standing to vote.

Thank you for participating in our CVUU governance,

Anne Odell, President