General Assembly will be livestreamed at CVUU

Every year, Unitarian Universalists from around the US and around the world gather to consider the business of our association.  General Assembly (GA) is also a time of great fellowship, inspiring worship, creative workshops, and public witness events that allow us to draw attention to issues that might not get the same focus if not for the presence of 4,000 or so people of faith shining a light on the topic.  

This year at the gathering in Spokane, Washington, UUs will consider a statement of conscience around the current state of our nation’s democratic process.  In addition, there will be some bylaw changes and reports from various committees of our association. Elisa Dickon and Doug Throp will be streaming (watching via computer) events in our sanctuary, and the entire congregation is invited to join us for any and all.  Because of the time difference, we will begin at noon and go until 8PM or so (with breaks) on Friday, June 21 and Saturday, June 22. On Thursday, June 20 there is a “Mini Assembly” on the Statement of Conscience from 4:30 to 5:30 PM (Eastern). The Mini Assembly is the only place where amendments can be offered.  At the General Sessions, items are debated and then voted on. I intend to watch the mini assembly from my home, but on Friday and Saturday, I will be at church streaming events live with our delegates. On Sunday, June 23, after our CVUU worship service, folks are invited to watch the Sunday morning worship service from GA in Spokane.  There is nothing quite like singing and praying with 3,000-4,000 of our UU siblings. Join us at 1PM, Sunday, June 23 to stream worship live from Spokane.

I’ve attached a pointer to the GA agenda and to the text of the Statement of Conscience that your delegates will be voting on.  At our Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 9th, we will ask for a sense of the meeting about the Statement of Conscience.  This will help your delegates represent you when it comes time to discuss and then vote on the Statement of Conscience.  I welcome your questions, thoughts and concerns. Thank you, Doug and Elisa for serving our congregation as delegates.


Rev. Justine Sullivan, Interim Minister

Click here for the GA agenda:

Click here for the Statement of Conscience: PROPOSED STATEMENT OF CONSCIENCE GA 2019