In-Person Worship Update from the CVUU President

We are planning to resume our first in-person worship in the sanctuary at 9:00 A.M. on December 19th.  Our in-person service will be at 9 am. This time is based on our committee volunteer staffing and to maintain consistency if we must resume Zoom-only services.  This service will have up to 40 congregants (including tech, worship associates, Safety, Ambassadors, etc.). We will build on the lessons learned each week and increase the number of attendees to 60 on December 26th, 75, on January 2, and 100 by January 9th. Registration for each in-person service will be required online via the link in the Wednesday Courier email before the given Sunday—as we have done previously for the outdoor in-person services. You must be registered to attend the in-person service.

For those of you that attended our outdoor services, it will be familiar. In addition to registering for the service online, masks will be required; folks will be required to socially distance themselves and must follow the safety ambassadors’ guidance.

The Virtual Service will continue on Zoom at 11:00.

RE will continue on Zoom at 9:45.

I will keep you updated and you will continue to see updates on the CVUU Website, Facebook Page and Courier.


When Covid Risk Level is Low, Medium, or High (per COVID Act Now), small and mid-sized gatherings, including limited-attendance worship, maybe reasonably safe if indoor precautions for masking, ventilation, physical distancing, and high vaccination rates are followed. CVUU is monitoring the positivity rates in the Virginia Beach Metropolitan area. Here is the link to the Virginia Beach metro, NC area.  ( The Risk Level is in the upper left of the webpage and is next to a vertical bar.

At this time the Covid Risk Level is High.  If the Covid Risk Level returns to Very High or Severe we will suspend in-person Worship. Church leadership will be closely monitoring trends. We will be prepared to quickly adjust as needed.

Group Meetings

The Board has accepted applications for small group meetings outside the church since March and indoor since April. Small groups of fewer than 25 people may fill out the Application for Outdoor Events/Meetings and indicate clearly that they want to meet in the building and in which room.  Please try to apply 30 days in advance. This is available from the Office Administrator – . The applications are reviewed by Board Members and processed as quickly as possible and the requestor will be notified.

My asks.

If you are eligible for a covid vaccination, please comply with the CDC guidance – get vaccinated and booster shots.  We want to reduce risk to our community – those that have compromised health, those that cannot get vaccines for health reasons, and children.

Various committees will be reaching out to you for support.  Please support them.  It takes a lot to plan worship, execute the tech for services and maintain safety within the building.

Thank you,

Steve Ciganek

CVUU Board President

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