The C-VUU Environmental Initiative works to promote the UU Seventh Principle* by protecting and improving our natural environment. In particular, we:

  • Help C-VUU to operate more sustainably, so that we minimize our negative impact on the environment and protect our wetlands;
  • Educate the congregation on environmental issues and encourage sustainable practices at home; and,
  • Inspire the congregation to work for social and environmental justice.

*Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.


The Social Justice Committee operates our Fair Trade booth which features Equal Exchange (ethically sourced) chocolate, coffee and tea.

The booth is open during coffee hour following Sunday services. Those interested in helping are welcome to speak with one of the committee members at the booth.The booth is open during coffee hour following Sunday services, so stop by and see us! Proceeds support the activities of the Social Justice Committee.

History of Environmental Justice at C-VUU.

The Environmental Initiative is a Social Justice subcommittee. It was created in 2018 by combining the Environmental Priorities subcommittee and the Green Initiative committee.

Activities of the Environmental Initiative have included the following:

  • Hosting speakers on environment-related issues and showing environmental documentary films
  • Sponsoring activities for Earth Day
  • Collecting contributions for the UU Ministries For Earth and locally the Elizabeth River Project and the Lynnhaven River Now
  • Posting environmental tips in C-VUU newsletters
  • Promoting local environmental current events
  • Joining the Pearl Faith Community sponsored by Lynnhaven River Now and River Star Business sponsored by Elizabeth River Project
  • Working to protect the wetlands on C-VUU property
  • Offering a class on sustainable energy

For more information, contact the C-VUU office: office@c-vuu.org