Keeping an eye on legislation

CVUU’s Environmental Initiative legislation team is striving to update its positions on environmental legislation weekly.

The General Assembly has passed the midpoint of its session, and the good news is that the bulk of the environmental bills we favor are still alive. Now we need your help in pushing these to final approval and ultimately the governor’s signature.


  • Virginia Clean Economy Act (HB1526/SB851). Both comprehensive bills will put Virginia on a path to zero carbon emissions from the utility sector by at least 2050. We need the bills to be aligned and then approved. Ask
    your state representatives to support a strong Clean Economy Act.


  • Senate Bill 992 (Carbon Trading Program) would allow two massive fracked-gas plants to pollute without penalty for three years. Tell your state representative to reject special treatment to polluters!
  • House Bill 1674 (Eastern Virginia Groundwater Management Area; provisional surface water withdrawal permit)  This would allow corporations to sell unused allowances for the withdrawal of water to other corporations, effectively privatizing surface water. Tell your state representative to reject the privatization of Virginia’s surface water!

To find your state representative, go to   and