May 15, 2019

Dear CVUU Members and Friends,

It’s hard to believe that the church year is nearly over, but as I write this, we have only a handful of Sunday services left before we move to the summer schedule with a fabulous slate of guest speakers planned for summer worship. What a wonderful year this has been – so many accomplishments, triumphs, and beautiful moments together. There have been some hard moments, too – conflicts not fully resolved, injuries we have caused each other – all part of the price of admission for being human. Sometimes we hurt each other, let each other down, miss the point. The question is, how do we go forward together? Can there be genuine apology and forgiveness, can we call each other to be our best selves without shaming, can we truly see each other’s divinity as well as our shortcomings? These are not easy things, but it is, I believe what we are called to as a community of faith, to move together, to be a blessing to the world.

From poet Naomi Shihab Nye:
I looked around that gate of late and weary ones
and thought,
This is the world I want to live in. The shared world.
… Not everything is lost.

This Saturday, Musicians Amy Ferebee and Regina Scott Sanford will grace the CVUU stage to raise money for our playground. What better way to spend a Saturday evening than listening to wonderful music with your beloved companions to raise money for our children’s playground?! I’ll be there and hope you all (y’all) come, too.

Our hearts go out to Doug Chenault and his family at the passing of our beloved Pat Chenault. A memorial service for Pat will be held at CVUU on Saturday, May 25th at 11AM. The Caring Team is arranging the reception following the memorial service. Doug and his family appreciate all the love and support they and Pat have received at this sad time.

Peace and Love to you,

Rev. Justine Sullivan
Interim Minister, CVUU
T 757-627-5371
C 508-662-0279