RE Happenings 9/22/21

The theme this month is embracing possibility.  We started off the session by showing a picture of a woman laying her head on a pillow sleeping. We talked about the fact that when you put your head on your pillow and sleep at night, you often have dreams. Or even sometimes nightmares.

They aren’t much fun, that’s for sure! But good dreams are nice to have.
We then pointed out that there is another way to dream – to dream about possibilities for a better life.

You might think, who can I be if I make a change? You trust in your dreams. You might have to make a change so that you can explore the possibilities of those dreams. Sometimes, you need to deliberately make a change. That can be scary and sad. But the scary and sad parts also have a balance. There can be dreams, hopes, and possibilities that will grow and unfold. Our faith tells us to respond to the call of the times by embracing possibility so that we can fulfill dreams of a better life.
Our 4th -5th-grade group pondered these questions:
● Have you ever been to a place that you were unfamiliar with? What happened? How did it feel?
● What does it mean to “make our voices heard”? How do you make your voice heard?
● What dreams do you have?
● Are there parts of yourself that are waiting to unfold?
● How might you make a deliberate change so that you can explore possibilities?
Our Pre-K to 3rd graders watched Dreamers by Yuyi Morales. A story about coming to America and dreaming about possibilities.

Soulful Home
It’s hard to carve out time for faith-full family experiences, so many of us try to weave spiritual exploration into the routine spaces of family life.  Helping parents create this sacred space in their daily lives is what Soulful Home is about.

Through Soulful Home families will have access to a packet at the beginning of each month that is organized around eight distinct family “spaces” with ideas and resources to fill those spaces with UU theme-based exploration. It’s about creating  memorable and amazing moments, through
a design that is manageable, faithful, and fun!

Here’s an overview of the various family spaces that Soulful Home focuses on:  

The Welcome Mat
This section provides a brief introduction to the theme and how it relates to family life.

At the Table
This section engages the theme through discussion. Questions are designed for a family gathering, perhaps in the sitting room when everyone is together or during a meal. This section strengthens the bonds within a family as members learn more about each other by asking and answering questions.

Around the Neighborhood
This activity engages families with their surroundings through the lens of the theme. Throughout the month, families are asked to keep their eyes open for what might seem like everyday sightings but which can be perceived in new ways through the monthly theme. Trips to the grocery store, walks, and drives make for excellent spaces to conduct these treasure hunts.

From the Mailbox
This section connects families with “special deliveries” from leaders in the field of anti-racism. The goal is to support families as they engage in the work of dismantling white supremacy culture. 

At Play
These activities and questions are a way to joyfully, playfully, and imaginatively experience the monthly themes. Soulful Home offers a brief framework for parents to use to introduce the activity and another to then help one’s family reflect upon it so that the insights learned in play can stay with us throughout the month and beyond.

On The Message Board
This section lifts up a theme-related mantra for your family to carry with them throughout the month. Think of them as tools for the journey that help re-focus and steady us as we navigate life’s challenges and opportunities.  

At the Bedside
These activities engage the theme through storytelling. This takes place during the dreamy, almost otherworldly hour or so before children or youth drift off to sleep. Through stories and the questions and realizations that they prompt, we come to understand the nature of our world and our unique place in it.

At the Kitchen Sink
This section suggests ways for parents to connect with their co-parents, a close circle of supporters, or both. Perhaps this happens as the dinner dishes are washed and dried or with friends over a cup of tea or coffee. 

The Extra Mile
This section invites families to explore the monthly theme through larger adventures and more complex projects. 

Check out this welcome video that gives an overview from the Soulful Home author Teresa Honey Youngblood: Click Here

Click here for your Soulful Home Packet:  sm_2021-09_sh_embracing_possibilityDownload

2021-2022 Religious Education Registration: We would like the guardians who are planning on their children and youth to participate in the virtual religious education program and in-person events for the 2021-2022 year and those planning on their children to attend only in person Religious Education events to register with our online form here.

Children’s Chalice Chapel begins at 9:45 AM on Sundays and is usually done around 10:15 AM.  Sometimes we go a little longer due to having too much fun.  We are always done in time for the church service at 10:30 AM.    Here is the Zoom link and password to get in.
Password:  cvuukids 

Paul R. Greggs
Director of Religious Education

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