Update from the President

Many thanks to all who attended our first CVUU Hybrid annual meeting! All of the work that our Office Administrator (Susie Gullixson) and our Communications Coordinator (Tracy Brune) performed in getting the digital and snail mail coordination for the ballots, Budget and Public Stand were a huge amount of work. Thanks to the Tech Team for ensuring that our on-line community could participate. Thank you to the Stewardship, Finance and Board members who have been working so hard over the last months on stewardship and the budget.

The CVUU Public Stand on Medical Aid in Dying in Virginia is in keeping with our UU principles of justice, equity and compassion. It respects each individual’s search for their own truth and honors each individuals ability to decide what brings worth and dignity in their life. Thank you to the Social Justice committee for their work on this important initiative.

We’re wrapping up our FY23 Stewardship campaign as the month of June draws to a close. If you haven’t pledged for the upcoming year, please do so now; we need the information to update membership and the budget. And please update your pledge using the VANCO application if that’s how
you donate. A reminder for folks to continue to fulfill their pledge commitment for this fiscal year – which ends June 30th.

Social Hall Floor Bond Campaign
CVUU is dependent on income beyond your generous pledge commitments. We have lost much fundraiser and rental income over the last several years due to the pandemic.

The Board realizes this and is committed to accelerating the social hall completion so that it may generate rental income for CVUU from weddings, parties, dinners, meetings, receptions, seminars, workshops, etc. Last Thursday, the Board authorized a Social Hall Floor Bond Campaign to raise $15,000 to complete the floor and trim in the social hall so that we may start to generate income from this wonderful facility. We have received over $10,700.00 in commitments.

What is a Social Hall Floor Bond? It’s a financial commitment to help CVUU complete our social hall floor. You can give 100.00 for a tile or a $100.00 a month for 12 months to help CVUU complete this project.

The link for the online Floor Bond pledge form is here.

Our Office administrator (Susie Gullixson) has already set up the VANCO account with a “Social Hall Floor” fund line.

Thank you,

Steve Ciganek