Women’s Bible Study offered

Beth-Ann Martin and Rev. Justine will offer an 8-week women’s Bible Study beginning on Monday, October 7 at 6:30 PM. Beth-Ann, who includes Bible study as part of her spiritual practice is particularly drawn to the work of Beth Moore, who has developed an online series of Bible Studies for women. We will begin our class with Beth Moore’s study on the book of Esther. A powerful figure from the Hebrew Bible, Esther used her power to help save the Jews in Persia from annihilation during the reign of King Xerxes I, who ruled from 486 to 465 BC.
Come learn the story of this amazing woman from history. The study is designed to be an in-depth scriptural dive with a workbook that has homework assignments which will add greater insight and understanding to the material. Join us.

The intention is to meet for the 8 Mondays beginning on October 7 and concluding on Monday, November 25. We will decide as a group if we wish to make any adjustments to the schedule for holidays in October and November.

Contact Beth-Ann treefrogb@aol.com or Rev. Justine Minister@C-VUU.org with any questions. To register, send an email with the subject line “Bible Study” to Minister@c-vuu.org